The Refugees Welcome! Network comprises of over thirty organizations within the greater Boston area. Eventually, this page will serve as a hub for refugee and immigration organizations to find upcoming events, social networking opportunities, a platform for dialogue, fundraising, and a comprehensive database of all organizations in the Boston area.

Countries That Visit RW!’s Website Since 2017

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Our website receives thousands of visitors from all over the world. To assist migrant service providers and migrants themselves understand how immigration works in Boston and the United States. We want our visitors to find information and services fast and efficiently.

Are you a part of a refugee or migration based organization in Boston or Massachusetts?

Please consider joining the Office [RW!] Network today!


Immigration Service Organizations 

The purpose of our membership program is to encourage constant communication between all organizations in the Greater Boston area through quarterly newsletters, invitations to our members organizational events, and capacity building workshops.

The quarterly newsletter will include important information, such as educational opportunities to expand nonprofit management and research in migration, upcoming events and programmatic outcomes, op-eds from our interns and Executive Boards, and information on funding and grants.

Our Events Calendar is crowd sourced so that it can be accessed and edited by each of our members organizations. A gmail account will be needed to access it. Our member organizations will receive an email providing support and instructions for accessing the calendar.

Our capacity building workshops will provide our members with a wide array of new skills, such as cultural sensitivity, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, financial planning and projection, mediation and negotiation, and grant writing. Workshops will be held two to four times a year depending on the availability of our experts and funding.