Special Offer to [RW!] Network Members

Refugees Welcome! has partnered with OrganizeTogether, a collaboration and mobilization tool, that helps nonprofits, social movements, and campaigns manage and coordinate volunteers. On OrganizeTogether’s platform, organizations and community groups can manage actions and events;  aggregated skills, availability, and history of your volunteers in one easy to use portal. Volunteers can search your events and actions of interest to them and help support your efforts.

[RW!] Network member organizations receive access to OrganizeTogether’s platform at a discounted rate or for free!

OrganizeTogether features include:

Event Creation and Management Tool Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 5.24.02 PM-lets you set the privacy level for each event and automates your invitation reminders. Filter your membership to invite the volunteers with the best skills and availability for your event. Our automated invite system will reach out to them how they want to be contacted, get an RSVP, and confirm their attendance a day before the event.

SIGN-IN Sheet-Eliminate data entry and duplication with a sign-in sheet that syncs with your database and keeps track of who’s done what.

Membership TrackingScreen Shot 2019-04-23 at 5.24.12 PMVolunteers click and drag their typical weekly availability onceto remove the hassle of back-and-forth email chains with organizers. Availability can be synced with calendar apps so that the schedule you see is up to date. Tracking allows you to view the aggregate availability of your membership that is kept up to date by syncing with members’ calendars so you know the best time to plan events.Individual member profiles let you see individual skill sets, add notes, and see attendance records for each member of your group.

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