Our structure at Refugees Welcome! is based around cooperative
mentorship. At anytime there may be between 5 to 8 Executive Board
Members. Each Member will volunteer to serve in a specific role
within the organizations for a minimum of 2 years (see page 8). Entry
into the organization is by majority vote and can be done at any time.
The Executive Director acts as secretary and the glue holding the
board together for their term. They will assist in coordinating monthly
meetings between the other Members (usually on the first Sunday of
each month). Otherwise, the Executive Director shares equal power
with the rest of the board.

Board members are able to bring projects to the monthly meeting
and can be voted on given the budget, time necessary, and capacity
of the group at the time. Board members should think wisely about
their ability to implement big projects and tasks. Besides shaping the
programmatic structure of the organization, the Board serves as
mentors to interns and research fellows.

Every year each Board member is assigned (at least one) mentee each
academic year and summer semester unless the Board Member does
not have the capacity to do so. The Board member is to meet with
their mentee(s) in person or by phone each week. It’s the
responsibility of the Board Member to teach interns new skills and
assign them to organizations needing additional assistance.


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