Our Research Team is embedded in the Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development at the University of Massachusetts Boston and works alongside our volunteer and capacity building programs to develop a programmatic structure that is geared towards our clients’ needs. Together with hundreds of organizations in our [RW!] Network, Refugees Welcome! has pioneered institution building and cross sectional collaboration across fields, including education, employment, health, legal, and housing services.

About the Migrant Service Map

The Migrant Service Map (MSM) is a part of our ongoing research on how to streamlining and strengthen immigrant service provision. The objective of the map is to act as a tool for service providers to find services quickly and efficiently across different fields for their clients (i.e., immigrants of various legal standing). To create this mapping application, [RW!] has teamed up with MapBox’s Community Development Office and MIT’s Code for Boston.

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In addition to a simple mapping tool, the MSM will include features that were conceptualized through participatory outreach to immigrant service providers themselves. These features include:

  • Easily search for services by type, location, and legal status;
  • Pop-up information about each organization;
  • Add to cart feature that allows immigrant service providers to create, manage, and send lists of services with email, address, phone number, and maps to migrant clients;
  • And scrollable functions that allow the user to view non-georeferenced organizations who do not have physical locations so every organization can participate.

Our Research Team is searching for funding to expand the application to a more functional application that be used across nonprofit fields and cities. The upgraded MSM would include features that were identified by 35 immigrant service providers, such as:

  • Complete control over user content, removing [RW!] as the data collector, allowing for organizations to update their information in real time through the creation of an online portal where each organization would receive its own user profile;
  • Profile forms ensure uniformity among descriptive information on immigrant service provision allowing for streamline of information;
  • Signaling feature within the pop-up that allows organizations to signal whether or not they are taking on more clients;
  • Strategic anonymous pop-up surveys to collect data on issues relevant to immigrant service provision and immigration needs across time and space;
  • Calendar sharing for events and strengthening networks;
  • And messaging system for client referrals across service types.

Moving forward, nonprofits across Boston will be solicited for feedback during every product management phase to make the application easily accessible and usable by immigration service providers.

For partnership and investment inquires, please email charla.burnett@refugeeswelcomehome.org.

For more information on [RW!], please visit our website at refugeeswelcomehome.org.

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