2017 Fresh Start Awardees


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Reunite an Asylum Seeker with his Family

Assist Asylum Seeker Fleeing from Political Violence


One aspect that is sorely neglected is the state of asylum seekers upon arrival to the United States. Many people do not realize that asylum seekers are not provided any benefits from most organizations and must rely on those offered by homeless and community shelters which are often overburdened in general and do not have the capacity and sensitivity needed in dealing with the trauma and socio-cultural barriers that asylum seekers face.

One way that RW! stands out from other migration organizations is that it seeks to support asylum seekers while they wait to be vetted for refugee status in the Greater Boston Area. On average, this process takes one to three years depending on the circumstances. To jump-start an asylum seekers integration into the Greater Boston Community, RW! will assist one to two asylum seekers and their families, per year, by campaigning for specific needs, such as housing, education, food, and clothing.

The purpose of this program is to fill a public policy and organizational gap in the United States. Asylum seekers often contribute to the issue of extreme homelessness. Without a safety system, they may become susceptible to crime and violence in order to survive. Compounded by extreme trauma, asylum seekers cannot afford to wait a year or two for treatment. Our Fresh Start Award seeks to decrease the burden of asylum seekers on the organizational structure of the Greater Boston Area by redistributing it among the entire community. This will ensure a safe and sustainable transition into the community for the most at-risk and vulnerable.