Refugees Welcome! is searching for four Executive Board Members to assist the organization in areas of membership expansion, service provisions, grant writing, and the overall long-term success of our mission. The Board Member’s first responsibility is to provide direction and leadership within the framework of Refugees Welcome!’s community-based approach to organizational networking.

A formal and transparent selection process is critical to gain the confidence and trust of all stakeholders. The board will work to evaluate Refugee Welcome’s practices and improve the Board’s overall effectiveness. All Board Members will choose from specific field areas to expand, design, and implement projects based on their own want and ability. Although this hands on approach provides opportunities for the Board Members to make this organization their own, Board Members are not required to do so.

Members are required to attend a monthly Executive Board Meeting.

Refugees Welcome! is searching for Executive Board Members in the field of academia, local government, and those within the Boston Community that share the values embodied in our mission.

Potential Board Members should have,

  • A basic understanding of migration issues and exhibit compassion for those most at-risk of exploitation.
  • The Board Members must also have excellent communication and public speaking skills, negotiation, and knowledge of the political landscape within Boston.
  • Board Members with grant writing, finance, administration, design (website, publisher etc.) skills, and/or understanding of relative content will be prioritized.

If you’re interested in being a board member, please fill out the application below.