Refugees Welcome! accepts applications to join our Executive Board on a rolling basis and considers adding new Board Members depending on current needs. Our Executive Board Members have various backgrounds including academia, local government and activism, and service organizations, and are united by a commitment to the values embodied in our mission.

Board Members typically commit to serving for two years on a specific team (Research, Communications, Capacity Building, Technology, or Grant Writing and Fundraising), for which they lead and develop projects. All Board Members are required to attend monthly Executive Board meetings and may have responsibilities supervising interns or research fellows.

Refugees Welcome! is currently searching for two to three Executive Board Members to assist the organization in the Technology Team and the Grant Writing and Fundraising Team, and to help us work towards the overall long-term success of our mission.

Potential Board Members should have the following knowledge and skills:

  • A basic understanding of migration issues and exhibit compassion for those most at risk of exploitation;
  • Some level of knowledge of the political landscape within Boston;
  • Excellent communication and public speaking skills;
  • Self-motivation and accountability.

Applicants with grant writing, finance, administration, design (website, publisher etc.) skills, and/or understanding of local organizations and their needs will be prioritized.

If you’re interested in being a Board Member, please review our current available positions on the Technology Team and the Grant Writing and Fundraising Team and email your cover letter and resume or CV to