Our Executive Board usually comprises of five to eight members from various professional backgrounds and with specific talents and skill sets. Board Members make a two-year voluntary commitment to a specific role on the Executive Board and provide mentorship to our interns and research fellows. 

-Executive Director-

Denise Headshot
The Executive Director manages the Executive Board Teams to ensure continuity of [RW!]’s Network and our programmatic structure. Our Executive Directors are leaders in migration research and community engagement, acting as a figurehead for the institution.

             Denise Muro

-Director of Capacity Building-

MarinaThe Capacity Building Team works to promote our mission: to provide capacity building, training, and streamlining to migrant services in the greater Boston area. The team works to build and strengthen the capacity of service organizations by holding specialized training workshops, coordinating volunteers, conducting research and collecting data on [RW!] Network service providers to identify gaps and needs.

         Marina Gabriel

-Director of Grant Writing-

hhjhThe Grant Writing Team ensures that [RW!] has an operational budget for events, coordinates finances, and assists other service organizations with obtaining funding. In addition to writing grants, the team is also focused on creating a set of standards for funders and maintaining a list of organizations that assist migrants in need of funding.

Ryan Gilson

-Director of Technology- 

The Technology Team is responsible for creating and managing information databases, our [RW!]’s Website and the MigService Map. Tasks include updating user interface design, web development, and assisting the Communication and Research Teams with posting new content, product management and works with our partners to update the database, design the user interface, and monitor its usability.

Charla M. Burnett

-Director of Communication-

profileThe Communication Team focuses on maintaining communication with our [RW!] Network comprising of migrant service providers in the greater Boston area. The team is responsible for producing a monthly newsletter, puts out updates across our network, coordinates networking events, creates and maintains branding guidelines.

Johanna Norshus Tvedt

-Past Executive Board Members-


Wilhemina Agbemakplido
Director of Communication and Co-Founder

IMG_0929 Jessica Allen, Legal Affairs Executive


Ayman Nijim, Steering Committee Member


If you’re interested in joining our Executive Board please follow this link and fill out the application. Thank You!