Interested in interning with [RW!] to serve our migrant community?

The application period for our spring 2021 internships has closed. Please look out for our summer internship program, which will begin accepting applications in the coming months.

Refugees Welcome! has both Intern and Research Fellow roles that may appeal to students in a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. These positions typically run for a semester (spring, summer, or fall) or an academic year.  These are work from home, flexible roles, that require a minimum time commitment of 10 hours per week. All interns work directly with a Leadership Team member who will provide mentoring and supervision. While our internships are unpaid, we are happy to work with educational institutions to provide academic credit for internships. You can find more information about the positions and instructions on how to apply below.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to In your cover letter, please indicate which team(s) or role(s) you are most interested in.

Internship Structure

Our internship program in centered around 4 pillars:

Mentorship – As an intern, you are paired with one of our Leadership Team members who is an expert in an area relevant to the internship, and who will oversee, support, and guide you through one-on-one training. Mentors and interns work together to co-create projects and assignments that will develop the interns’ skills while supporting the organization’s mission.

Knowledge – All interns have access to training sessions designed to build and expand skills that are relevant to the nonprofit field. Previous workshops include grant writing, social media marketing, content writing, and project management.

Community – As an intern, you are encouraged to attend all [RW!]’s workshops, networking events, annual summits or forums, and other events, and you may represent [RW!] at external events. You will also be invited to at least one Leadership Team Meeting. This helps you expand your professional network while building your knowledge of organizations aiding refugee and immigrant populations in the greater Boston area.

Impact – Our interns do not go on coffee runs or get stuck with meaningless paperwork. Due to the small size and volunteer basis of our organization, each intern plays a vital role in shaping, implementing, and carrying out our projects and initiatives. As an intern with [RW!], you gain hands-on experience, and will have the chance to pitch and run your own projects.

Intern and Research Fellow Roles

[RW!] has internships in four different teams: Capacity Building, Communications, Grant Writing and Fundraising, and Technology. In addition, we have Director’s Interns positions. These roles are most suited for undergraduate students, but graduate students may apply as well. Those who already have a four-year degree, master’s level students, and advanced undergraduate students with research experience may apply for our Research Fellow positions on the Research team. If you are interested in working on one of these program areas, please indicate so in your cover letter.

The Capacity Building Team coordinates trainings and events to strengthen and streamline migrant services in the greater Boston area. Interns on this team help with planning our semesterly networking nights, training workshops, and intercultural events. The team also works on outreach and develops and distributes surveys to organizations to gather data about gaps and needs in the field.

The Communications Team focuses on maintaining communication with the general public and with our [RW!] Network, comprising of migrant service providers in the greater Boston area. The team is responsible for producing a quarterly newsletter, managing our social media, and publicizing our events and the events of other organizations. The team also contributes to research-based analyses for the [RW!] blog as well as our In the News and the New in Research pages.

The Grant Writing and Fundraising Team ensures that [RW!] has an operational budget for events and research and coordinates finances. Interns on this team help search for funding sources, work on grant applications, and help develop fundraising components of events. Interns on this team may also help with internal organizational development to gain nonprofit management experience.

The Technology Team is responsible for creating and managing information databases, our Refugees Welcome! website, and the Migrant Service Map. Tasks include updating databases, user interface design, web development, and assisting the Communication and Research Teams with posting new content and data visualization. The Migrant Service Map is currently the team’s primary project, and this involves working with our partners, MapBox and Code for Boston, to update the database, design the user interface, and monitor its user ability to identify updates.

The Research Team coordinates research on migration and service provision in Boston. Their responsibilities include writing and publications, coordinating with the Capacity Building Team on surveys and outreach to migrant service providers, and writing research-based reports for publication on our website or though other avenues. Research Fellows work on the research clusters developed from the 2018 Boston Migrant Summit and can propose their own projects that relate to [RW!]’s mission.

The Director’s Intern is supervised and mentored by the Executive Director and works on a variety of projects to support organizational development, strengthen our relationships with other organizations, and contribute to the work of various teams. Director’s Interns work closely with the Executive Director to co-create projects that will strengthen the organization and build internal capacity, and they gain experience in areas related to nonprofit management and community development.