Refugees Welcome! is thrilled to work with various social platforms to run campaigns to raise money, these include Booster and GoFundMe. During different times, we will be using these sites to campaign as they help support us with logistics and shipping. Please find a list of our current campaigns below…

To learn more about our Fresh Start Awards, click here. 

Fresh Start Award Campaign 2017

Phiona (daughter) and Nicole (wife)

Every year, Refugees Welcome! chooses a refugee or refugee family to receive education, housing, or family reunification support. Kenneth Mukonyezi is our 2017 awardee and has already been given a full scholarship from the School of International Training Graduate Program (SIT) in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding. Although Kenneth feels blessed to have had this amazing opportunity, he finds it difficult to concentrate when his family is still trapped in Uganda. Refugees Welcome! is assisting Kenneth to raise the money to reunite with his wife and daughter that he hasn’t seen for over two years old. For Kenneth’s story and more information on the Fresh Start Award, click here. 


Fresh Start Award Campaign 2017


This is Hassan’s story. He currently resides in inadequate housing on a third floor apartment although he is paraplegic. Although Hassan’s family is sending him money from Djibouti, Refugees Welcome has had a difficult time finding him permanent housing because he does not have a social security card. He must wait until his application is processed. It’s unknown how the impact of the Immigration Act will impact his application process but it may take up to two years to process.



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Support Refugees where ever you live by buying a Refugee Welcome T-shirt (logo open sourced from the larger Refugees Welcome Movement). Each T-Shirt is $20 plus shipping and 65% of all sales go to Refugees Welcome in support of our programs.