[RW!]’s mission is to strengthen and streamline immigrant services across the greater Boston area. The organization does this by leading immigrant service providers through a participatory line of inquiry to solve the most pressing issues facing migrants. [RW!] serves as a platform for organizing immigrant services, provides network and capacity building training, advocates for the expansion of refugee services, and assists service providers by helping to fill any programmatic and/or financial gaps through direct fundraising and volunteer coordination.

[RW!] Network Member Benefits 

Our network provides members with:

Mentorship – as a Member, your organization will have access to experts in field of nonprofit management, grant writing, monitoring and evaluation, fundraising, digital marketing, and strategic planning.

Research –as a Member, your organization will contribute to our participatory research design and help Refugees Welcome! solve the most pressing issues in migrant service provision.

Community – as a Member, your organization are encouraged to attend our quarterly networking events across service organizations. It is hard working in this field and this providers our members with an opportunity to let go and have some fun.

Capacity Building– as a Member, your organization will have access to our capacity building training workshops taught by technical experts in the field at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Volunteer Coordination– as a Member, your organization will have access to our volunteer coordinating service. Refugees Welcome! will begin coordinating volunteers for our [RW!] Network Members by interviewing, training, and assigning them to an organization each semester. Our program is underdevelopment, as we work with our network to build it.

MigService Portal as a Member, your organization will have access to the Migrant Portal, an application that uses geospatial technology to sort and organize immigrant services across Boston. The goal of the application is to streamline immigrant services across Boston. The Migrant Portal opens January 2019, for more details click here.

OrganizeTogether –as a Member, your organization will receive discounted access to the OrganizeTogether Platform which uses machine learning to help you organize hundreds of volunteers. This partnership begins January 2019, stay tuned for more information.

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OrganizeTogether and Refugees Welcome! Partnership

Starting January 2019, Refugees Welcome! will partner with OrganizeTogether. OrganizeTogether channels the collective power of grassroots movements and communities by providing tools that make collaboration and mobilization effortless.

The OrganizeTogether Platform helps to manage actions and events, see the aggregated skills, availability, and history of your volunteers in one easy to use portal. While also helping volunteers find the events and actions that need you the most. Save time and energy by sharing your availability and personalizing your contact preferences.

To help [RW!] succeed at its mission, OrganizeTogether is providing their platform at discounted rate to immigrant service organizations within the [RW!] Network. Moving forward, our team of developers and engineers will be working with [RW!] to create a version of our platform that will help them coordinate hundreds of volunteers across immigrant service organizations. For more information about OrganizeTogether, click here.