Refugees Welcome! has finished the program for the Boston Migrant Summit. Please find the Program-Boston Migrant Summit here. 

Program-Boston Migrant Summit-01

About the Boston Migrant Summit
In November 2016, Refugees Welcome! collaborated with twelve organizations and businesses in the Greater Boston concerned with migration to hold a Refugee Fair. These organizations include MIRA, Nuday Syria, the Red Cross, Amnesty International, Oxfam and more.  The Fair was a huge success and drew nearly 80 residents to Ryan Lounge at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Refugees Welcome! was able to raise $3,000 for refugee service organizations.

After the Fair ended, feedback was provided by the participating organizations and businesses on the structure and resourcefulness of the event. According to the organizations and Businesses present, many of them had never been able to meet in person before this event. Many of the organizations came to realize that their programmatic structure overlapped with other organizations or that an organization provided services that clients needed but had not otherwise known about. The participants from the organizations encouraged Refugees Welcome! to host another more structured meeting that provides a facilitator for strategic planning.

On June 4th, 2018, Refugees Welcome! will host the Boston Migrant Summit to help assist organizations in the Greater Boston Area with strategic planning from 9am-4:30pm at the Federal Reserve Plaza in Downtown Boston.  Between 40-60 organizations, along with professional mediators, will create a policy document to present to local and state officials on how to protect the human rights of migrants, meet the increasing demands of migrants, and create resilience across the greater Boston area and the state of Massachusetts.


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